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May 26, 2009



There is a saying:

The only way to make money fast is to work in a currency plant.


Simply Awesome. Thanks. "if you don't understand how the investment works don't invest." This make me to read entire post. Superb. Keep up the good work.

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I think this is a very valuable lesson! You always must understand what you are getting in to, and how it works especially when there are big amounts of money involved.

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The modus operandi also is eerily similar - the perpetrator creates a special aura about himself and his investment scheme [this is not intended to be sexist but from my experience most Ponzi operators have been men] and then finds the right marks to prey upon. The bigger the scheme the more elaborate is the marketing aperatus - with the perpetrator enlisting the aid of various third parties, be they broker-dealers, financial advisors or other intermediaries [who are always well compensated]. The basic theme is also the same - the perpetrator has some special insight that allows him to create better than market returns. Why? Because, in the absence of better than market returns, there is no reason to invest.

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Thanks for the lessons, buddy) Smart enough to follow

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