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March 17, 2008


Cynthia G

I completely agree with this approach. I also believe that not worrying about if your opposing counsel thinks you're smart helps to calm nerves in tense situations with counsel.


Implicit in your "zen" approach is the belief that you are outsmarting your opponents by not engaging in juvenile fencing at depositions. Ironically, you are on the same plane as they are -- you are saying that you know more than they do.

Stewart Weltman

I don't think I am placing myself on the same plane, but you are right, for those lawyers who try to engage in "juvenile fencing" I am saying that I know more than them. It is a waste of time for me and for my clients. So I don't do it. The point of my post is to encourage others to do the same. So it isn't like I am trying to gain an advantage over anyone. Believe me I welcome going up against lawyers who employ the same approach as me. It is a great challenge and a professional pleasure to boot.

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